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Turtle's Last Dance
Special guests The Davisson Brothers Band
TJ's Corral Outdoor Events Center

Friday, May 12, 2017

In Fond Memory of Stew "The Turtle" Stewart

Party Starts at 5 PM
Davisson Brothers Band Plays at 6 PM
Make Sure You Eat First cause as Stew Would Say
We Don't Have Time For Any of That


Left to Right: Chris Davisson, Sammy Davisson , Stew Stewart, Joey Whitacre, Donnie Davisson, Aaron Regester 


The Carson Valley Inn has strived to bring quality entertainment to our area for many years.  Most recently, our owners built a beautiful outdoor facility affectionately named TJ’s Corral.  There are many people involved in our entertainment efforts as there are many moving parts to the ever-changing entertainment industry.

We recently lost one of our key team members in entertainment.  Stew “The Turtle” Stewart worked at the Carson Valley Inn for over six years.  Music was Stew’s passion and he devoted his life to entertaining people and creating music.  He toured around the globe playing music and made many friends along the way including TG Sheppard, Johnny Lee, Glen Campbell and Colin Raye to name a few.  Stew brought many of these friends to the CVI to play and be part of a very special entertainment environment.  Stew created a venue in the Ballroom few of us thought was possible.  He brought great acts into the Cabaret Lounge including many national acts passing through for a quick “jam” session.  His biggest sense of pride was TJ’s Corral where he brought in great national acts including one of country music’s biggest stars, Merle Haggard.  Stew toured with Merle during his career and Merle played one of his last shows here at CVI.

We want to thank Stew for being an important part of our team and more importantly our CVI family.  He brought many smiles to the CVI and he will be missed.

Please join us on May 12th in TJ’s Corral as we celebrate “Turtle’s Last Dance.”  The party will start at 5pm and is Free to all ages.  Cold Beer and Great Music will be on tap highlighted by the Davisson Brothers performing live at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing you all here.

Joey Whitacre
Director of Casino Operations & Marketing  

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